Saturday, 19 July 2014

Bookings Made!

It's all go. Investigated possible flights to Rome last Monday. Best option for my dates isn't direct: I will be flying from Auckland via Shanghai and Zurich then to Rome- on Air New Zealand and Swissair International. Yes, I will be very jetlagged when I arrive... Walking tour has been confirmed- ten days from Assisi, luggage etc all carried, and no sleeping bag to take- a change for me!

I'll have a couple of nights in Rome, and have booked hotel not far from Termini and Santa Maria Maggiore. Will be able to go to Easter Vigil nearby, then walk across the city early on Sunday morning to get to St Peter's for Easter Sunday Mass. Hotel bookings were already very tight in Rome for next Easter! I'll have a night back in Rome when I finish the walk. Will arrive back in time for new school term, but only just- sorry in advance to the children who will have a jetlagged teacher!

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