Wednesday, 3 December 2014


I finish walking mid-April in the medieval town of Gubbio. Have decided to stay a second night here to explore at the end of my walk. (Edit- in the end a flight time change out of Rome has meant I am not doing this...) Looks like such a beautiful town: here are some Flickr photos.

I will go from Gubbio back to Termini in Rome, then to the airport for my journey home. The company I have booked my walk with, World Walks in the UK, have given me excellent service via e-mail, and were able to tell me the transport links so I could be certain of arriving back in Rome in time for my long flights home.

And yes, I have started 'training' for the walk... Here is my blog post from a recent 20km walking circuit, and another one from last weekend's 10km circuit on Palmy walkways. And in just over two weeks I will be on 'summer' holidays- not that we have had much sign of summer yet!- and will be able to walk lots... Looking forward to it...

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