Saturday, 4 April 2015

Arrived safely in Rome

Well it was a long haul but I have arrived safely in Rome. Zurich was a wonderful airport to transit through- so clearly laid out and well organised. Though I did score a 'random' frisk down as I went through security.
I took a few photos as we left Zurich, before we entered the cloud.
But then we went into cloud...
I am not sure how long we were in cloud. My plan in the window seat was to take photos over the Alps, but next thing I know I woke to the pilot's announcement that it was ten minutes until landing in Rome. I was just in time for a farewell Easter egg.
What I saw of Italy looked glorious - spring fields of green, and spring leaves on all the trees below. Can't wait to get out walking in all that.
Having made it safely through my various airline connections, my last worry was whether my luggage would also actually arrive... And it did...Amazingly! PVG is Shanghai, and FCO is Roma...
I managed to follow all the signs correctly to find the luggage carousel, then for the airport train. And by just before 9pm I had made the short walk from Termini to Hotel Max, where I received a warm welcome. The man did think I was from Australia though, and though it seemed almost churlish to correct him, some standards have to be maintained!
I have this lovely restful orange decor in my room, and slept very well, albeit until about 3am. (Kind of expecting to be very sleepy about 3pm but hope to walk myself through it!)
So, I have a few morning jobs to do at Termini, then the plan is to get the metro across town and walk my way back.
A few last notes on my flights. The service on Swiss Air was superb. I was surprised by how un-present the Air New Zealand staff were by comparison, eg the luggage lockers on the Dreamliner are high but nobody seemed to be there to help. Maybe Singapore Airlines have spoiled me with their great service in this regard.
Anyhow, arrivederci from Roma. Hopefully, back with some photos later in the day!

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  1. what a sweet little bedroom.. hope you sleep well!