Sunday, 5 April 2015

Rome Wanderings Pt 2

I left St Peter's from the far end of the Square when I noticed some steep stairs nearby that turned out to be the French embassy.
Next I saw some Holy Stairs, and a youth centre that marvellous singing was emanating from.
A great gelato store had just opened for the day and I was the first customer. I had a cone with limone icecream. Yum! Then I realised I was passing the Jesuit mother house.
And there was a church in which everyone was praying. No signs up about no cameras, but none needed.
Down the next short street I could see an archway into more modern Rome. And just before it was this old hospital, being restored.
Lots more seen down these two short streets, but now I will take you to the Tiber, where springtime was evident...
...and there were bridges to cross.
More in Pt 3...

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