Saturday, 11 April 2015

Vescia to Nocera Umbra Pt2

This day was a walk of two halves really- the first climb and descent, then the second much bigger dose of both, with a little ascent at the end just to remind you what hill towns are about...

This second climb was relatively easy as it was mostly on a dirt road, but the distance was 3.5km of mainly up. The village of Sasso sat tantalisingly above me as I walked up...

But intriguingly, as I seemed to get closer, the road seemed to be bending higher but not going there. Turned out this was a bit of a pattern with each mountain hamlet- the road passed by at the top end without going through the village proper.
Sasso was worth taking time to reach: it had a seating area where I gladly had a first lunch break, and there was a lovely 11th century church that you could visit inside.

The next hamlet along, Poggio, wasn't much higher, then there was a short grunt to a restored castle. I found a shady spot hidden around the top corner there, and had my 'proper' lunch. I always like to get major climbs behind me if I can before I eat- otherwise I don't enjoy the food quite the same!

As you'd expect, the castle was at the high point, and I mainly descended from here. Once I'd passed through the hamlet of Mascioche, I could see Nocera Umbra below. (I could also hear a lot of motorway noise floating up.)

It seemed to be a long descent... And I could see the old town of Nocera Umbra looming above the valley I was heading down to, and was hoping I didn't need to go that high.... Well as it turned out I did... -almost! 

My Camino friends will know all about the hilltop towns, especially in the south of France where you had end-of-the-day climbs! However, as soon as I walked into my hotel, the kind owner gave me a cold drink! It had been a warm day, and I am pleased to find I seem to have put Sunscreen on early enough in the day.

So that was 'Gorge' like climbs today- but tomorrow it's more like Rangiwahia, so I guess I will just have to dig in... Catch you tomorrow!


  1. What wonderful photos you take Margaret! Makes me feel almost like I am there! Also makes me hope that Spring will eventually come to our part of the world!

  2. Umbria in sunshine just begs to have photos taken. The views are spectacular!

  3. Hi Margaret, Just catching up on your blog. Wonderful! Hope your journey continues to amaze you.


    1. Hi John, Umbria has really surprised me, so very beautiful..Today I passed back through Assisi, and in two more days will reach Gubbio, which is the end for me. Today, being Sunday, I met a whole lot of Italian walkers on the trail, heading towards Assisi.mand near the end of my walking day, I even met a group of English speakers, who are 'on retreat'.