Thursday, 2 April 2015

Palmy to Auckland

First sector of my journey was from Palmerston North airport up to Auckland. I had to check in an hour early even for this domestic flight so my luggage could be checked in all the way through, and I am now the proud holder of four boarding passes.
Here's the plane that will take me to Auckland.
I had a right-side window seat, but didn't think I'd see much as it was cloudy and getting towards dark. But I was wrong. We soon flew above the clouds, and the colour of dusk was all around. And there was a glimpse of the moon.
The real treat was going to be the view of Ruapehu poking through the clouds.
Towards the end of the journey the moon was shining brightly, and every so often reflected off water. Then the lights of Auckland put on quite a show down below. But you'll have to take my word for that- had to switch off electronic devices for landing on our relatively smaller plane...
Now I am trying to fill in 90 minutes until boarding. We depart at 11.59pm!

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