Saturday, 4 April 2015

En route for Zurich

I have been thinking a lot of a certain friend who passed this way just before Christmas last year, and who was gifted with a mighty fine White Christmas in the Swiss town her mother came from. So, here in your honour Heidy, are a few views of that Swiss red cross on my plane.
I have a window seat on this plane and the bonus is the seating area is only two wide, and the plane isn't full, and my initial companion skedaddled to get his own two seat space as soon as he realised everyone had boarded the plane. I was hoping to take some photos as I passed overhead some of the Asian continent, but it turns out I am right by the large wing, and the sun is shining very brightly down on it! Ah well, I have a window seat for the section to Rome as well, and I think I am much further back in the plane, so I might be lucky then..
During my 'awake' times on this journey I've been reading a Camino book on Kindle that I bought quite some time back but had never got far into. It's called "The way of the stars: journeys on the Camino de Santiago" by Robert C Sibley. It's now one of my new favourite Camino books- very honest about the hard times, and possibly one of the most reflective about the purpose for walking and how it changed the author in a way that is continuing. And I guess the reason I am reading it now is because I am thinking about why I am walking again, albeit a shorter journey, on a pilgrimage route. The paths of St. Francis await me.
Meanwhile, I still have nearly four hours on this flight. Then one more... Am very much looking forward to reaching my hotel in Rome, then showering and having an early night. Let's hope anyhow! Have been really impressed with the service on this Swiss Air International flight.
Ok in Zurich now but will post this from Rome. Both Shanghai and Zurich had 'free' internet but you needed to get a text to your mobile..and mine is firmly off at present- roaming only in emergency. Though later I realised you could scan your boarding pass at a few places here in Zurich but am too jet lagged to think about finding them! Ciao! Boarding soon for Rome.

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