Thursday, 16 April 2015


I had the morning to explore the amazing town of Gubbio. Though it seems like a museum piece in a way, with buildings from the 1200s, the Renaissance time, Roman times, and important discoveries from before then, it is also a living town where residents actually live... - as well evidenced by all the cars driving around in the narrow streets.
From my hotel room window, my view was of a church, which turned out, appropriately enough, to be the church of St Francis. I went there first on my tour of the town and it seemed an especially reverent place, at that early hour anyhow.
It was begun after Francis' death by his friend Spadalonga, in 1206.
Outside near the church was a statue of the legend of Francis taming a wolf that was terrorising the town.
My next stop was to the remains of the Roman theatre, but I was too early as it turned out, so just had to look from a distance...
They found some really important pre-Roman written tablets here.
Next it was off uphill to explore. Strangely enough, the hill climbing didn't even seem to get me puffing very much. Here's just a selection of photos to give you a taste. I'll put a link here when I eventually get some trip photos up on Flickr, but the whole town was so photogenic, I eventually had to tell myself to put the camera away, enough was enough!
Anyhow, after several hours it was time to say ciao to Gubbio and hop on the bus to get me to Fossato di Vico train station, ready for my trip to Rome.

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