Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Costa Di Trex to Pioppo Pt 1

It was a lovely family based agriturismo (Il Castello) that I stayed in last night. The women had worked so hard preparing the meal for their guests, and it was served with genuine hospitality. And breakfast this morning had everything a walker could want before it was time to say arrivederci.

Then it was off for what I knew was going to be another climb before Assisi. Turned out it was a forest climb and descent, and for the most part it wasn't too steep, and the path was much easier to walk on than the more mountainous paths yesterday. It reminded me quite a lot of the Gorge track, though without ferns and nikau...

The path was very well marked with red and white signs, and I felt very grateful to those who had done all the marking.

And so I arrived back in Assisi, and had another chance to revel in being there.

Today it was full of Sunday crowds all over the place. There was a bunch of teens ready to take on the track up to the eremo, and at least three had bare feet- not sure how that was going to go...

The sun was shining and again all the buildings in Assisi looked stunning.

People were pouring out of the basilica of St Francis as I went past.
I had to leave town by this gate just near the Basilica, and sat for a rest on a seat just outside. The woman in the photo with the reddish backpack was from Germany and was in Umbria on holiday. We had an interesting convo about how she wanted to go to the ruins below, but wasn't too keen on the ascent afterwards- and yes, the road did descend steeply... I left her and started my own descent, which I knew was to followed by another ascent! - such is Umbria!

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