Thursday, 9 April 2015

Assisi to Vescia, via Spello

Well today was a real treat of a walk.

I left Assisi on a route that hugged the sides of Mt Subasio pretty much all the way as far as Spello. At one stage I had the trees of the Subiaso National Park on one side, and olive trees on the other, often with a view to the plains below. My heart did a little jump for joy as soon as we left the minor road for a dirt road. I had this feeling throughout that this route has probably been used for centuries, quite possibly back to Roman times.

Later in the morning's walk I was often walking with olive groves on both sides of me, though some stretches were through forest. I managed to follow the route directions pretty closely until later in the morning, when I wasn't sure if I'd taken the right forks in the right places. But I could see below that we hadn't passed above Spello, so I knew a solution would arrive. It did- I was on the correct path, and suddenly Spello appeared below, in all its medieval glory.

The path I was on delivered me conveniently to the top gate in Spello, so my whole walk was downhill. My jaw was dropping at the beautiful medieval nature of it all. And unlike in Assisi, there was hardly anyone around, especially higher up.

As is often the case though, it's the little human kindnesses that stand out. I got a panini for lunch in one shop, and it was made with kindness and care. All the way downhill I'd been hunting for a shop with an Italian adaptor- as my supposedly NZ/EU one didn't fit here in Italy, and it seemed like taking photos and blogging might be at an end with flat batteries. But there was an electronics shop just before I left town, and the man took pleasure in getting exactly what I needed from downstairs.

The afternoon's walk even started off flat, which seemed amazing, but it wasn't too long before it was heading uphill again, past lots more olive groves. There were great views at the top though, some back to Spello. Finally I was on a cart track heading downhill. There was a busy highway to cross, then more dirt tracks and quiet roads before I reached the village of Vescia. My B&B seems to have paraphernalia for olives, and my 'suite' is just amazing. The bed alone would be fit for a queen.

The only thing that worries me is that I think this might be the easiest day of walking, and the ones coming up will be harder! I found this strenuous enough in parts!

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