Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Roma to Assisi

I had early breakfast at the hotel then made my way the 200m or so to Termini. It was then a much longer walk down to platform 1Est- a good 400m or so, so I didn't miss my morning walk. We left promptly and are on our way: this train stops at lots of little places all the way to Perugia. A man helped me put my (heavy) suitcase up on the rack. Everything seems to have 'expanded' since I left home!
The countryside we are now passing, not far out of Rome, looks very green, with crops well started. The ground also looks quite wet in places, not surprising after yesterday's rain. There are hills in the distance that remind me very much of the ranges at home. We're passing groves of olive trees and going through lots of tunnels at present- not sure why. Beautiful countryside. I've quite fallen in love with it already!

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