Sunday, 5 April 2015

Rome Wanderings Pt 3

In case you have noticed these posts are coming in NZ daytime- yes, 3am and my jet lagged self is wide awake. Though might speed things up now as I am starting to feel sleepy again..
Loved exploring the grounds of Castelo d'Angelo-a whole park unexpectedly behind, where the locals were...
A seagull posed for me:
And old features abounded.
Back to the Tiber, where the modern met the old at Ara Pacis..
Until finally I found myself in Piazza dell Popolo almost by accident, a great spot for some people watching.
I climbed up to the park around Villa Borgese gardens- and there knew my muscles were jetlagged! Only two more days to 'fix' them before I walk! But what lovely signs of spring up there.
About now, mid-afternoon, jetlag was kicking in, but I was glad I had managed so well so far... pt 4 to come...

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