Saturday, 4 April 2015

Shanghai Airport

I'd heard it was often very 'grey' with air pollution in Shanghai, but we'd been flying in full sunshine above the clouds for a while, so the foggy atmosphere still came as a shock.
This is a photo of our Air New Zealand Dreamliner after we had landed. (We never got to see it in the dark last night...)
There was someone meeting transfer passengers from our flight, with directions for how to find the transfer desk.
I was surprised to be the first one there, as I deliberately walked the 'slow' way instead of on the 'travelator'. The young woman at the desk seemed very flustered, and I had to wait at the side... As soon did others. Turned out a necessary stamp for our boarding passes wasn't there. But once that was located, we were soon whisked through a doorway and then into the queue for security, which wasn't too busy at this time of day.
Then I walked off to find the gate. The next 12 hour flight awaits... Maybe I will doze off at some stage...
And here's my plane...
And here's another plane nearby...
And a Chinese language sign on a table in the gate lounge.
I was going to take a photo of the signs on the water fountains placed regularly in the terminal. But in the end I didn't because I couldn't figure out how to use one, and next minute an angel was at my side, who helped me with a most gracious smile. It seemed unduly touristic to take a photo after that!

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