Friday, 10 April 2015

Near Vescia

Well, today I've had quite a short walking time, not quite as planned, but still interesting.
I had breakfast at the B&B- Italian style with some traditional Umbrian cake, and some tart that looked freshly made. I couldn't quite eat so much cake for breakfast, but the five Italian men present were all eating up large on it! Then I bought some panini, made up to request with care and a smile at the deli part of the small local supermarket.

Then I headed off uphill, on a grassy, quite overgrown path that left the village. There were a few good muddy stretches, but it wasn't hard walking- steep enough for me to haul out my walking poles though.
At the top there was a dirt/ stone kind of road that passed by lots more olive groves. There were the most superb views all along the way, sometimes down to villages, or across to villages on other hillsides, and sometimes to the mountains.
All was going to plan until I got to where there was some tunnel construction, where I was supposed to cross over the top of two tunnels, and up to the village of Colle San Lorenzo. This all felt a bit weird, but I started off ok, crossing an olive grove, then hauling my way up a bank onto the top of the first tunnel.
I was supposed to cross the grassy area, then head into another olive grove before reaching the village. Trouble was, a big digger was doing its thing up on the terraced area below the village, and it didn't seem at all wise to get in its way! So I retreated, and found another spot where reaching the village by road looked like it might be possible- but it was all barriered off. There were cars traveling along it, but I was too much of a goody twoshoes to climb across the barrier.
So, it was an early trip downhill. Never mind, I am sure my body will be glad of a rest, as there are some big climbs in the coming days! And you can now enjoy some of the views.
So now I have a bit of time to head outside and see a bit more of this small village of Vescia in the sunshine. (And I gather it has been quite wet and non-sunny at home just lately!)

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  1. I am very jealous! Having come home to a very cold Spring with a rather bad cold and cough I wish I was walking among the olive groves. Good call to shorten your walk and not get in the way of that tunnel construction. Thank you for allowing me to virtually walk along with you!