Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Pioppo to Biscina

Well, it's hard to believe, but I only have one walking day left, to Gubbio tomorrow. And while I've been slathering myself in sunscreen, and even taking the rash step of not carrying my raincoat in my daypack, I'm aware everyone at home has been suffering heavy rains, and now a polar blast to introduce winter.
Today it was warm first-off, and I was aware I needed to take a bit of care of tender feet, so I seemed to start the day at a rather slow pace. (I think that my left foot got a bit wet in a small stream crossing yesterday: I stopped to put some wool on it, but I was carrying a pair of dry socks I could have changed into!) Anyhow, I talked sweetly to my poor feet, put my lovely French hiking cream on, then put wool on all the tender bits, and am glad to report that worked.
It was so peaceful leaving Pioppo this morning, with the sun shining and the birds singing.
In Valfabbrica, I bought some fruit including an enormous banana, and a yummy custard bun. I knew they would help me up the hills. Because there are always hills on this walk!
I just had a very quick look at Valfabbrica in passing, but it looked like yet another town with many centuries of history.
There was a restored Benedictine church not far out of town.
And higher up in the hills was another historic church under restoration, Pieve di Coccorano. And like most days, there was a climb and this church soon appeared far below.
There was only one shortish descent today, to Sambuco, and shortly after that I had a magic encounter. Three workmen had just pulled up nearby, and they were renewing the gold and blue markings for the roadside part of the trail. Two of the men came towards me, one saying Assisi! Assisi! And I thought he thought I was going the wrong way. But it turned out he had seen me by the basilica at Assisi on Sunday and had remembered me.
The day continued warm, but the slope ahead was mostly not too steep.
I could see the Biscina castle up ahead- and it did look quite far..
But plodding on, it loomed closer. And here I am at the Biscina agriturismo, with this great view from my bedroom window...
A Frenchman is also here tonight. He walked all the way from Assisi today, but didn't realise it was quite so far/hard as his guidebook underestimates the time required. That's what I've been thinking about the times on the trail signs too. He's en route from Rome to Compostelle.

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